A Corporate Intelligence Training Course

Our online course gives you an overarching view of how intelligence works best within a corporate environment, showing you how to put intelligence theory into practice in the real world. This course will deepen your intelligence and analytical skillset, widen your understanding of where and how intelligence can be used in a corporate environment, and show you operating models to deliver the most value to your organisation.  

 We’re not just another OSINT techniques trainer. We demonstrate how to embed and optimise intelligence resources in the corporate environment. 

This course has been tailor-made for those seeking to bridge the gap between intelligence and business. We give you the tools, language, and information needed to provide and display value to your organisation. 

Most private sector intelligence training is derived from government methodologies.Our course looks specifically at the private sector. We don’t just give you the theory, we equip you with the ideas, tools, and models to put the theory into practice in a corporate environment. 

What does the course cover? 

  • The Intelligence Cycle 
  • Analytical assessment& information verification 
  • Legal and operational drivers for the function 
  • Thinking widely: how intelligence can add value to the wider organisation 
  • Managing the intelligence cycle and an intelligence team 
  • Maximizing the impact of intelligence to the business at large 

 The Course Content 

  • Online course 
  • 9 modules, 1 presentation  
  • Virtual lectures  
  • Associated course assignments 
  • Reading materials provided 
  • Completed in your own time 

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