Embedded Data and Business Analyst

Washington DC, USA

About Sibylline Americas:

Sibylline is a leading intelligence and strategic risk consultancy in the security sector. Since 2010 we have supported businesses, governments and NGOs through the provision of high-quality risk analysis, due diligence and consultancy services. The firm provides an innovative, entrepreneurial and fast-growing working environment, offering employees ever greater exposure to high profile clients and challenges. Sibylline offers fantastic opportunities for career progression within a successful company, and we aim to help our employees to build their own personal profiles as well-regarded analysts within the broader industry.

General Role Description:

Sibylline Americas Inc. is looking for an experienced, professional and insightful candidate  as a Data and Business Analyst to join our team within a client’s data and business analytics department, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. A successful employee in this position is a self-starter to help with key business analytic challenges.  Candidates with experience in disinformation research who can adopt an “adversarial mindset” to think like a bad actor with the intent to exploit, abuse, or manipulate a social media service.  If you’re applying for this position you should have a curiosity and interest working with vast troves of data to help the team build baseline metrics and business analytics and measurements with superb analytic acumen utilizing SQL or MySQL, NOSQL, and Python scripting skills.

The position will be managed by the client’s team leader on a day-to-day basis, but will report to Sibylline’s regional management.  Full support and guidance will be provided from our head office to include training and professional development.

This position represents an excellent opportunity for the right candidate to continue their development within a leading and expanding firm.  We offer strong career progression opportunities and are invested in building individuals’ professional profiles.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

Essential Functions
  • Intellectual curiosity is an absolute necessity—the ability to think creatively and solve new problems is vital;
  • Strong background in business analytics (SQL fluency is essential--will be designing, implementing and maintaining metrics);
  • Experience measuring internal inputs to understand efficiencies and effectiveness;
  • Data science background is ideal--experience combining disparate data sets and extracting conclusions will be key in this position;
  • Experience asking questions of data; what would you measure and how? Are we measuring the “right” thing? Does data quality support our overall strategy?
  • Mathematical conceptual ability is essential with experience in statistical analysis;
  • Experience with data visualization tools - need to tell stories with data utilizing Tableau as well as several internal tools;
  • Experience with basic accounting procedures—this position will involve minding budgets, estimating spend rate, and keeping an eye on budget execution.
  • Experience scripting in Python—experience using Jupyter to munge, triage and manipulate large data sets;
  • Law enforcement or intel community background—some experience with investigations, or Intelligence Community, methods, approaches, and mindsets would be valuable but is not a requirement;
  • Software development/engineering experience as this position focus on metrics, data analysis and managing data streams;
  • Budget analysis work involves budget maintenance of current contracts with 60% budget analysis and 40% budgeting/contracts work.
Skills, Experience and Qualifications:
  • Graduate degree in a related field; with knowledge of basic financial and commercial concepts.
  • 3-5+ years’ professional experience related to new technologies.
  • 3-5+ years’ professional experience in an analytical function and demonstrable interest in political and commercial connections.
  • Thorough understanding of the Data and Business analytics landscape.
  • Strong attention to detail, and determined in the execution of research.
  • Strong analytical and writing skills, with native-level spoken and written English; aptitude for writing and editing with speed and accuracy in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.
  • Inclination to work in a process-driven environment, striving for consistency and conformity in methodology and output.
  • The ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
  • A passion for finding the truth, and delivering high quality work.
  • High levels of integrity and initiative.
  • Excellent research skills, and ability to rapidly digest, evaluate and “sift” large quantities of information.
  • Experience working with highly confidential information.
  • Exemplary skills in all facets of customer service.
  • A proven track record of conducting research and providing analysis in a commercial context.

The remuneration for this role is negotiable for the right candidate, dependent on qualifications, aptitude and experience.

To apply for this position please email your CV and covering letter to recruitment@sibylline.co.uk with the subject line "Data and Business Analyst Opportunity".