Intelligence Analyst Extremist Organizations

Washington DC, SF Bay Area, Seattle, Austin, or Denver

About Sibylline Americas:

Sibylline is a leading intelligence and strategic risk consultancy in the security sector. Since 2010 we have supported businesses, governments and NGOs through the provision of high-quality risk analysis, due diligence and consultancy services. The firm provides an innovative, entrepreneurial and fast-growing working environment, offering employees ever greater exposure to high profile clients and challenges. Sibylline offers fantastic opportunities for career progression within a successful company, and we aim to help our employees to build their own personal profiles as well-regarded analysts within the broader industry.

General Role Description:

Sibylline Americas Inc. is looking for a professional and insightful geopolitical risk analyst to join our team as a consultant analyst, in an embedded role on client site. Based in Washington, DC, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Austin, or Denver.  The candidate will represent the firm’s analysis to the client as part of a tight-knit team.  The team detects, analyzes, and advises on adverse conditions that could affect the safety, security and operational continuity of our clients. These conditions include but are not limited to: political instability and unrest, crime, terrorism, governance risks and an awareness of cyber threats.

Applicants to this role require the ability to research and analyze a wide range of information and create insightful analysis in accordance with strict deadlines, including presenting and incorporating relevant data and visualizations. Due to being embedded, the candidate will engage directly with clients to provide immediate support and consulting. This requires emotional intelligence, creative thinking, maturity and judgement in order successfully to interpret client requests and provide insightful information.

The candidate will be managed by the client’s team leader day-to-day, but will report to the Regional Director. Full support and guidance will be provided from our head office, including training and professional development.

This position represents an excellent opportunity for the right candidate to continue their development as a strategic risk analyst with a leading firm growing at 50% per year. We offer strong career progression and are invested in building individuals' personal professional profiles. Moreover, being embedded truly offers “the best of both worlds”, giving a small firm ethos alongside large firm exposure and experience.

Essential Functions
  • Plan, research, and create a range of analytical reports delivering actionable insight to internal clients.
  • Deliver on-call intelligence assessments tailored to client requirements.
  • Network and support the growth of the intelligence function within the client company.
  • Display creative thinking and consulting skills to deliver a continually improving service for the client.
  • Be an effective member of a small team, focused on delivery of lean, high-impact services.
  • Effectively manage the client as the embedded representative of Sibylline’s team, ensuring that they are receiving consistently high standards of support.
Skills, Experience and Qualifications Minimum
  • Strong candidates for this position will possess experience in analyzing militarized social movements/armed civil justice groups, the far right, and militias, particularly in the US and Europe.
  • Proven ability to do ‘deep dives’ into such organizations with output including long form intelligence reports, short-turn intelligence advisories, and ad hoc analysis.
  • Provide general studies on the history, evolution, and likely future organizational nuances of a broad spectrum of militarized movements in the US.
  • The ability to organize findings and present a complex threat landscape in simple terms is a significant element of this position.
  • Extensive experience writing for executive and niche audiences.
  • Demonstrated ability to work both collaboratively and with little managerial direction.
  • Experience in crisis response support and ability to respond quickly to events as needed.
  • Extensive experience in utilizing graphics to “paint a picture” for C-suite executives and wide distribution.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Graduate degree in a relevant field of study.
  • Strong professional network.
  • Experience working in intelligence, geopolitical or security-related disciplines.
  • Strong personal initiative, with ability to take ownership of tasks and deliver solutions under minimal guidance.
  • Ability to manipulate and visualize data.
Next Steps

Following filtration of candidates based on CV, a writing assessment will be conducted (at an arranged time to suit you) to test writing and analytical abilities. Successful applicants will then be invited to interview via conference call.

To apply for this position please email your CV and covering letter to with the subject line "Intelligence Analyst Extremist Organizations".