PODCAST: Ukraine – The Zakharchenko Assassination: What it means for the Donbas conflict and Urkaine

The 31 August killing of separatist leader Aleksander Zakharchenko in Donetsk threatens to elicit short term instability in eastern Ukraine and Kyiv. Moscow will likely assert greater direct control over the Donetsk People’s Republic following the assassination with a refocusing of its Donbas strategy towards the reintegration of the separatist-held regions into Ukraine as it simultaneously seeks to influence upcoming Ukrainian presidential elections.

In this podcast we analyse possible motives behind Zakharchenko’s killing and assess the wider impact on Ukraine ahead of 2019’s election cycle.

Key points include:

  • Why Zakharchenko’s killing matters in relation to resolution of the conflict
  • The impact on Ukraine, with instability and polarisation likely to be exacerbated by Moscow as it seeks to impact Ukrainian presidential elections
  • Possible motives and preparators of the assassination

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