SPECIAL REPORT: After Covid-19 – The New Normal


• As the impact of the pandemic continues to unfold, its effects will be far from uniform in shaping the global ‘new normal’.

• Businesses operating across the world will face both pre-existing risks and challenges that have been exacerbated by Covid-19, as well as new trends re-shaping operational environments, supply chains, and a range of judicial, environmental and governance policies.

• Within Asia-Pacific, the engine of the global economy, the Covid19 pandemic will slow, and may even reverse, key regional trends. These include increasing trade and economic integration, rising intra-regional tourism, and a heavy concentration of supply chains in single manufacturing hubs such as China.

• The new normal will continue to be characterised by the strained US-China relationship, which has deteriorated further amidst a dispute over the origins of the pandemic, adding to the highly politicised business environment facing Western companies operating in China.

• The new normal will also see governments from Europe to Asia continue to exploit the pandemic to enact legislation that undermines democratic norms, reshapes judiciaries and advances increasingly protectionist economic policies.

• Across regions, governments will face evolving economic pressures, impacting countries in Eurasia and Asia that are reliant on the export of commodities and tourism, as well as emerging economies in Latin America and Africa that are
struggling under ballooning sovereign debt levels.

• The new normal will see rising inequality, sectarian grievances, environmental activism and deteriorating socio-economic health drive civil unrest over 2020, with Europe, Latin America and the Middle East in particular likely to experience sustained protest movements as the prolonged economic impact of the crisis takes

• Companies operating in emerging markets across the globe will see shifting policy environments as governments seek to buttress their position in the face of mounting discontent over economic and political concerns accelerated by the Covid-19 outbreak.

This report has been produced to guide businesses on what the ‘new normal’ environment will look like following the Covid-19 pandemic, and how best to navigate it. 
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