Market Entry, Due Diligence Special Projects

Sibylline delivers corporate investigations services that are focused on securing the integrity and reputation of client investments and operations. We help clients gain the market transparency and insight they need to navigate complex jurisdictions and commercial situations with confidence.

Excellence, discretion, integrity, flexibility and partnership lie at the heart of our Corporate Investigations ethos. These values shape our investigative methodologies, and enable us to be agile, adaptive and responsive.

A relationship with Sibylline Corporate Investigations means an investment in discretion, value for money, commitment to ethics, market transparency, guidance on good governance, and access to an informed global network of in-country sources and subject matter experts.

Our Advantage

Utilising access to proprietary data and human source insight obtained from a diversity of assets, Sibylline carefully validates, supplements, and contextualises open source data that is often incomplete or inaccurate.

Our investigations are conducted with the utmost discretion: we are careful about any ‘footprint’ we may leave in a market. We are pedantic about our research methodology, and we carefully test our findings through various analytical processes.

Through our access to verified in-country and expert insight, we help clients explore legitimate investment opportunities; protect their reputations; bring transparency to opaque, high risk, and high-profile situations; safeguard against political exposure and questionable business practices; and, uncover how ambiguous laws and regulations, and conflicting stakeholder interests, could work against their objectives.

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Key Services

Due Diligence

Market Entry

Special Projects

Reputational Risk Audit

Due Diligence:

In an increasingly automated compliance market, decisions on integrity, regulatory & jurisdictional risks are often drawn on the façade of data solely available through open source searches. Our Investigations team is trained to account for media bias, misinformation, politically motivated allegations, local industry proclivities, and unreliable public sources.

We uncover red flags that would not have been discovered in a simple automated search, and we refute uncorroborated negative findings; our aim is to provide a comprehensive integrity assessment that gives our clients the confidence to proceed or step back from a relationship.

Whether you are exploring an M&A, joint venture, partnership, private equity deal, senior executive hires, or requiring regulatory review, our due diligence suite of services is designed to explore investment opportunities, protect reputations, bring transparency to opaque markets, safeguard against political exposure and questionable business practices, and to unveil legal and regulatory environments so that our clients fully understand the informal pitfalls of business.

We offer four integrity due diligence levels, with the option for clients to request bespoke investigations that fit specific requirements and budgets.

Sibylline can also be tasked to conduct specific types of enquiries that often require well placed in-country human sources, along with country and sector-specific expertise (e.g. mapping ultimate beneficial ownership and conducting political exposure assessments).

Details of our due diligence levels is available on request.

Market Entry:

Drawing on structured research methodologies and industry and country-specific expertise, Sibylline Investigations helps reduce the randomness of exploring new market opportunities. We leverage multi-lingual research capabilities, in-country source networks, and subject matter expertise to help our clients adopt cost effective growth strategies.

In markets that lack transparency, we build market entry ‘route maps’ that identify opportunities and stakeholders, whilst highlighting vulnerabilities and risks that are not always immediately obvious.

Typical market entry assignments include:

1. Providing a comprehensive assessment of formal and informal market entry barriers, and country and industry-specific integrity risks.

2. Monitoring the investment / commercial environment to help clients capture opportunities at a time of reduced exposure to domestic competitors and the political risk environment.

3. Compiling relationship and influence maps that visualise the complex relationships between political and business figures on a national, industry or company level; and, identifying related implications for client-specific interests.

4. Identifying and profiling political and industry influencers, and patronage networks.

Special Projects:

Utilising our access to subject matter experts and in-country networks, our Corporate Investigations team is regularly engaged to conduct highly sophisticated, multi-jurisdictional assignments. Sibylline acts as a global intelligence gatekeeper for its clients by conducting discreet, confidential, and flexible investigations that provide knowledge fundamental to decision-making.

We help our clients understand, pre-empt and/or resolve problems arising from circumstances in which their interests may be directly or indirectly impacted by links to corrupt officials, criminal activities and unfair competition. We work to secure our clients’ reputations and commercial success.

Past investigations include asset traces, anti- corruption investigations, relationship and influence mapping, and stakeholder profiling. We have also been engaged to investigate criminal activity as it impacts a sector in specific geographies (e.g. illicit oil trade in Africa, counterfeit pharmaceutical trade in the Balkans).

Reputational Risk Audit:

Leveraging our experience in investigating integrity and reputational risks, Sibylline can conduct an audit of existing and/or potential reputational and integrity risks faced in specific jurisdictions. Sitting next to your public relations, legal and other professional team advisors, we:

1. Build an integrity profile for you that highlights where reputational and integrity issues may potentially arise (e.g. bribery and corruption, human rights issues)

2. Identify potential reputational and integrity risks you may face in your activities and operations. This process includes assessing political exposure, and the corporate governance records of the entities with which you partner.

3. Develop an understanding of how identified reputational and integrity vulnerabilities could impact your business if left unaddressed.

Sibylline corporate investigations provides reputational assurances, and the confidence to know that your integrity will not be compromised.