Tailored Analysis

Bespoke risk monitoring services & Projects

We know there are times where more focused services are required, which can include both routine tasks, such as producing reports on particular topics or issues, as well as project work that may require only a single report or in-person briefing. Ultimately, intelligence requirements are as varied as our customers and the solutions we offer are defined by detailed and specific consultation with clients. We always apply best practice to ensure customer satisfaction, which is underscored by our quality guarantee.

Our tailored analysis is delivered on the basis of Service Credits (roughly equivalent to an hour of chargeable time). We operate either a pre-purchased or on-demand service based on a client’s needs.

Typically, clients will take a mixture of a subscription to the World Risk Register, an annual allocation of pre-purchased credits to cover expected tasks during the year, and have a locked-in rate for additional Credits to support any less anticipated project work.

We can also apply bespoke weightings to raw ASTRA data and integrate with in-house risk monitoring models or systems on a client-by-client basis.

Typical Projects:

  • Site threat and risk assessments
  • Travel threat and risk assessments
  • Geopolitical scenario analysis
  • On-call analytical support (a “helpline”)
  • Maintenance of a dashboard showing key relevant risk trends
  • Delivery of a warning and alerting service
  • Deep-dive analysis on a specific topic or issue
  • Due diligence investigations on people or entities
  • Power mapping of networks
  • Production of client branded analysis and reporting
  • Customisation of World Risk Register reporting