The World Risk Register

ASTRA & Cyber

As a strategic risk advisory company, Sibylline provides our clients with a range of products that seek to perform complementary functions, meeting the clients individual and specific needs. Our work seeks to outline, analyse and assess events and trends, strengthening our client’s understanding of inclusive politics, political processes and accountability (1).

The World Risk Register that comprises our core service achieves this through the production and distribution of daily, weekly, monthly and annual analysis, plus regular briefings, podcasts and webinars that pertain to regional and global trends outlined annually. Your subscription also includes direct 1 to 1 access to our senior analysts.

These trends tackle kinetic security issues and address the evolution of physical threats along with the impact of governance issues and the challenge of opaque regulatory environments. Our World Risk Register service is complimented by the production of specific reports or projects tailored to individual clients’ intelligence requirements.

Consulting Training and Recruitment

Our Proprietary ASTRA System

Quantifies 32 risk factors for 245 countries, select cities, and sub-national regions. Six years of history and trends available.

Daily Briefs

Written by our experienced analysts covering each region of the world delivering trusted insight that goes beyond the obvious.

Analytical Alerts

One page of concise analytical support around impending or ongoing major issues across the globe, focusing on the "so what".

Weekly Reports

Charting trends at a level between the dailies and monthly, and providing predictions and implications going forwards.

Monthly World Review

Covering the latest view of how top-level strategic trends are developing both globally and in each region, and highlighting changes to our risk database.

An Annual and Mid-Year Forecast

Highlights key global trends, issues and threat drivers at the most strategic level; and identifies current and emerging risks across each region.


We fundamentally see cyber issues as an extension of geopolitical risk, and treat cyber threats as simply another vector. Our cyber service is pitched at the strategic level and is intended to fit cyber issues into the broader context of global risk. For all readers, we write in plain terms that are understandable without a deep background in either technical affairs or geopolitics. The service is made up of a top down series of reports covering strategic to more granular level issues

Cybercrime Statistics 2019

The service is underpinned by Cyber ASTRA which numerically risk rates every country in the world according to a number of cyber risks. The data is then used in a variety of different ways:

The scores can be offered as a bespoke service to you, with categories and individual risks weighted to reflect your own concerns and exposure, thereby manipulating the figures to give a truer risk level to you. The tailored cyber ASTRA scores can then be mapped to your own mitigations globally in order to identify gaps where you may be exposed, or overspending.