This week Justin Crump, Sibylline’s CEO, is joined by guest speaker Lisa Kaplan to discuss the realms of conspiracy theories and misinformation. Lisa is the Founder and CEO of Alethea Group, an organization that identifies and mitigates disinformation operations for political campaigns and companies, and so shares some great perspectives on this growing challenge for security teams.

Justin is also joined by our in-house team:  Liana Semchuk, Europe & Eurasia Lead Analyst; Alex Lord, Europe & Eurasia Analyst; Philip Riding, EMEA Lead Analyst; and Benedict Manzin, Middle East and Africa Analyst. Global topics include the escalating conflict in Ethiopia and its wider impacts on East Africa, as well as the latest on challenges within the EU as it struggles to pass necessary budget legislation. Of course, in that context we also can’t stay away from the dreaded B word…!

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