The Sibylline Extended Learning Program

We offer a range of training courses designed to bridge the gap between intelligence and business.

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What We Offer

Concerned about COVID-19? How about the impacts it will have over time? And what about all the other geopolitical events that were front and center only a few weeks ago? How about what's next - for the world, and for your career? Our online course will provide you with the tools to navigate this crisis and the ones to come.

Be the leader in the midst of uncertainty.  A crisis is the perfect time to broaden your intelligence and analytical skillset, deepen your knowledge, and learn best practice whilst connecting with others. Combining expert-led seminars, group discussion, and case work (all virtual), our analytical intelligence course will deepen your understanding of topics like:

  • Information verification
  • Analytical assessment
  • Use cases for corporate intelligence and security
  • Best practices for risk management and mitigation
  • Managing the intelligence cycle and an intelligence team
  • Maximizing the impact of intelligence to the business at large


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Our Courses

Exploiting OSINT: Methods & Approaches

This course has been created to teach you the very latest tools and techniques for successful OSINT exploitation.

A Corporate Intelligence Training Course

This course has been tailor-made for those seeking to bridge the gap between intelligence and business. We give you the tools, language, and information needed to provide and display value to your organisation. 

Need something more specialized?

If you require our help but feel your requirements involve a combination of our services, get in touch and we will work with you to understand your problem and how we can meet your needs. Whatever it is, we will do our best to provide a solution for you.

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