Threat Reputation & Issue Monitoring (TRIM)

Real-time data and alerts, integrated with your platforms or monitored by our analysts, enables you to stay one step ahead.


What We Offer

Our Threat Reputation Issue Monitoring (TRIM) will provide you with a 360-degree view of risk and threats to people, assets and reputation in any region or location, allowing you to stay one step ahead.  TRIM is offered as a Software as a Service tailored platform or as an add-on to a bespoke analytical reporting service.

Our TRIM suite includes: POI assessments; analytical insight on incidents affecting you or your brand; brand reputation awareness; and red- teaming exercises.

Our Threat, Reputation & Issue Monitoring (TRIM) service provides 24/7 operational support via a range of services.​

TRIM uses our proprietary social media monitoring software to allow focused and scalable identification of social media activity indicative of threats to your people, assets or reputation. This can be used by you, embedded into your own systems, or by us, on your behalf.

TRIM offers clients monitoring of a wide range of open sources to detect and assess upcoming or emerging threats to your business, alerting you as quickly as possible to enable maximum time to plan and coordinate responses.​

Our aim is to support clients through the lifecycle of an event or incident, providing personal and integrated intelligence support throughout. This supports spans helping executive protection teams gauge and mitigate risks to senior staff to supporting regional security leads in understanding threats.


The TRIM Products

Social Media & Open-Source Monitoring

Our social media monitoring software, part of our TRIM service, can provide you with early warning of emerging activity, monitor single-issue activism, and assess public sentiment around an issue or brand.

Adversarial Profiling

We rapidly assess potential antagonists to determine the existence of a credible threat, including the tracking of persons of interest (POIs).

Online Red-Teaming

Our analysts can act as “ethical adversaries” to determine the online exposure of a client’s key stakeholders, providing a range of recommendations to make their online footprint less vulnerable.

Need something more specialized?

If you require our help but feel your requirements involve a combination of our services, get in touch and we will work with you to understand your problem and how we can meet your needs. Whatever it is, we will do our best to provide a solution for you.

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