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The Global Overview


A note from Associate Director and Head of Global Intelligence, Gareth Westwood

The last month has been especially busy for the Global Intelligence Team and its cadre of regional and subject-matter specialists. In addition to our broad portfolio of analytical offerings, the team has launched yet more product lines; it has delivered a host of webinars, while also responding to a growing number of media calls. Our podcast audience continues to expand and, as ever, we have been hitting the conference circuit, ably led by our partners across the company. September has also seen us respond to a growing number of client requests through our Access to Analyst service. 

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It goes without saying that a busy Global Intelligence Team means a tumultuous and eventful globe; we are delighted to offer you a glimpse of what we have been covering over the last 30 days.

Our Europe / Eurasia desk has produced an incredibly broad suite of products; it issued an Event Risk Assessment outlining the risks facing the Rugby World Cup in France while also tracking the outbreak of conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. Upcoming elections in Slovakia and the ongoing war in Ukraine have ensured the desk has not been bored this September.

A proposed formal impeachment inquiry into US President Joe Biden impacted the political risk ratings of our Americas desk, while an alleged Indian-led assassination of a Sikh activist in Canada sparked a significant diplomatic rift between the two nations. Elsewhere, political tensions in Argentina, Columbia and Ecuador continue amid the backdrop of increasing organised crime across Latin America.

Our Middle East and Africa desk has also seen no let-up, most notably in the wake of events in Israel. At time of writing this conflict remains evolving and will be covered in more depth in next month's edition, however, companies can access free daily update reporting using this LINK. The desk will also be providing free update webinars using this LINK. Climate events and natural disasters continue to impact the Middle East and North Africa; both Libya and Morocco suffered devastation in the wake of an earthquake and extreme weather. Elsewhere, a coup in Gabon was the latest in a succession of military takeovers in an increasingly unrestful West Africa.

While Chinese President Xi Jinping and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken sought to stabilise tensions between their two countries, Australia was hit by yet more wildfires, brought about by extreme heat. Elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region, we have been tracking an increasingly fraught political environment in Pakistan, with an upcoming election posing significant risks.

In the cyber domain, China has continued to pose a persistent threat, utilising increasingly sophisticated techniques against existing software vulnerabilities. ‘Ransomware-as-a-Service’ (RaaS) providers are exacerbating these state-sponsored threats.

I do hope you enjoy reading about these issues in more depth. Below you will find a selection of useful visuals taken from samples of Sibylline’s reporting in September. As ever, we are here to help you navigate risk in an increasingly complex world, and we remain ready to answer any questions you have. Until then, stay safe and have a great October!

Our Latest Insights

Our Global Analysis reporting is part of our World Risk Register subscription, for access to all our reporting please contact us via the link below.

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