Global Elections Tracker 2024


As over 60% of the world's population is due to vote in elections in 2024, Sibylline has created an Elections Tracker to keep our readers up to date with the various contests across the globe.

Through the use of a simple interactive model divided into our four geographies of focus (Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe-Eurasia and the Middle East and Africa), the tracker clearly illustrates the status of each election. In particular, we take care to highlight which elections are due to take place in the coming month. In addition to simply signposting, we succinctly discuss the contextual significance of each vote, as well as the many parties, coalitions and candidates. We also briefly outline the results of those elections which are now complete.

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Please note, aside from this pilot iteration, the tracker will be disseminated on the first day of every month.

Global elections tracker
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