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Helping you understand the impact of ESG issues on your business operations.

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What is ESG?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations assess the environmental, social and economic impact of a corporate entity to ensure a balance between environmental protection, social equality and economic prosperity.

After many decades, ESG considerations are gradually shifting from a box ticking exercise to becoming a mainstream concern for corporates worldwide. The need to integrate ESG issues within the business strategy of every company and every organisation has been gaining momentum over the past couple of years due to increasing pressure by various stakeholders.

The climate emergency and the pandemic crisis has also intensified the need for transformational change as a growing number of investors demand more transparency, policymakers insist on greater accountability, and consumers expect businesses to act more responsibly.

Why companies should implement ESG considerations in their strategy and operations?

Corporate accountability is increasing and the realisation by the corporate world that the integration and implementation of ESG considerations within their business strategy is no longer an option but a necessity, has carved a new path for the business community.

There is no doubt that the mitigation of ESG risks is critical to a company’s security, reputation and financial performance as the reduction of ESG risks provides more stability and addresses uncertainty.

But it’s also about creating opportunities for our clients to ensure that they maintain their reputation, profitability and longevity within the market, while having a positive impact in the space in which they operate. A compelling corporate purpose and a strong ESG proposition improves business performance and long-term value and safeguards the reputation.

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Why Sibylline?

Sibylline has a holistic approach to risk and as a result, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of what encompasses all aspects of risk including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks.

To that effect, Sibylline has created a new set of services and products to help our clients and our partners understand and address the ESG challenges that they are facing and respond to the emerging regulatory environment that requires ESG disclosures. There is a growing expectation that companies need to be more responsive to these challenges, proactive, and innovative and Sibylline is the one that can provide solutions.

Sibylline’s ESG Services

ESG Due Diligence

Sibylline provides independent ESG-driven due diligence to ensure that you obtain a reliable and comprehensive assessment of ESG risks associated to your operations and the markets in which you operate. Sibylline ensures that ESG factors are addressed to mitigate risk for your company or organisation and add value.




Board Advisory for ESG Integration

The current market is mainly focused on ESG implementation, whether that is in the form of ESG risk assessments or ESG-related data tools. However, there is limited information and support in relation to ESG integration. Corporate entities are good at obtaining the tools that they need to provide ESG-driven solutions, but often they don’t know how these tools fit in their wider business strategy.

Our ESG experts will be able to help you understand how ESG issues impact your operations and identify ways to integrate these issues within your business strategy.

ESG Integration and Implementation Framework (ESG Management Toolkit)

Whether you are a publicly-listed company, an SME or an NGO, Sibylline has developed an ESG Management Toolkit that you can put into place to meet your ESG requirements.

Sibylline’s ESG team will support you in establishing a robust ESG strategy and implementation plan that is fully integrated throughout your organisational structure.

Bespoke ESG Training Courses for corporate entities by industry

Sibylline has a long tradition in providing training for corporates and NGOs. Our ESG experts have developed a professional training course for your employees to help them develop a clear understanding of ESG issues, and incorporate them in their operations. Each training course is tailored for specific industries on how ESG relates specifically to your industry’s needs.

Our Experts & Advisors

Daphne Biliouri-Grant - ESG Senior Advisor

Daphne has been working within the area of due diligence, reputational risk management and corporate governance for over 25 years. She was the co-founder and Director of a strategic advisory consultancy, advising government departments, corporate clients and charitable organisations on issues of corporate governance, ESG/sustainability, political risk and reputational risk. She has extensive international experience and a specialist knowledge promoting social responsibility, corporate stewardship and ESG/sustainability within the business strategy of corporate entities.

A highly accomplished and invaluable business leader with a wealth of expertise within stakeholder analysis, due diligence, ESG practices, and the reputational risk management of organisations, Daphne applies a holistic approach to sustainability and good governance and is able to challenge constructively in the best interest of a company or organisation. She has helped numerous corporate entities and charitable organisations at board level to identify their corporate purpose and develop a robust strategic plan. She is currently authoring a business guide for senior executives on. ESG integration within a company’s business strategy.

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