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Sibylline is delighted to announce that we have been awarded The Queen’s Award: International Trade 2020. We are extremely proud and would like to thank all our clients and colleagues for making this possible.

“I would just like to thank those who have made this possible – not only our fantastic team worldwide, but also friends and advisors who have given us so much ​​​​​​​support. In particular I’d like to highlight Heropreneurs, the leading charity for military entrepreneurs, and its founder Peter Mountford. He has always championed just how much veterans bring to the table, and I think this Award really honours that trust and vision.” Justin Crump, CEO.

The Sibylline Extended Learning Program

Concerned about COVID-19? How about the impacts it will have over time? And what about all the other geopolitical events that were front and center only a few weeks ago? How about what’s next- for the world, and for your career? Our online course will provide you with the tools to navigate this crisis and the ones to come.

The Sibylline COVID Portal

We have instituted a stream of reporting dedicated to COVID-19 that we are making freely available to help organisations dealing with the crisis. Now available on our interactive portal. This aims both to supply some of the raw data people are chasing, as well as put some strategic analysis around the environment.

“One of the very few trusted communications that gives you broad, independent and professional intelligence that is vital to every organisation.”

Head of Security, International Services Firm

“Critical to the infrastructure of my business”

Group Head of Resilience,
US Real Estate Investment Trust

I have used Sibylline's services on a number of occasions in my current and previous role. I have found their knowledge, experience, intelligence and advice to be outstanding and their service to be highly professional. Security is a major issue for not-for-profit membership organisations holding major conferences around the world and having high quality, independent support is essential.

COO and former Executive Vice President
European Professional Society

“I appreciate the effort your team gives to keep those of us in retail informed!”

Group Head of Asset Protection
International Retailer

“A fantastic and highly credible source of information that allows my company to advise organisations about the threat to their security and likely impact.”

Director, International Consulting Firm

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