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APRIL 2024 


Events Announcement: Latin America Regional Committee (LARC) Spring Conference:

Sibylline Ltd is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Latin America Regional Committee (LARC) Spring Conference, hosted by the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC). The event is scheduled for Wednesday, 10 April at the Florida International University and will bring together security and risk professionals from across the region. We are proud to have Rafael Saliés, our esteemed Client Relationship Manager, representing Sibylline. Rafael eagerly anticipates engaging with clients, friends and colleagues during this enriching event.


Welcome to our new Associate Director, Head of Embedded Operations

Michael Goble began his career in 2004 when he joined the United States Marine Corps to support the Global War on Terror. Michael served 8 years in the special operations community, and upon separating from the military, transitioned into the private sector security industry. Michael spent several years working for Gavin de Becker and Associates where he built and managed security and intelligence teams for some of the world’s most influential organizations and individuals. 

In 2016 Michael was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency to support counter terrorism and counterintelligence operations abroad. Michael served on over a dozen deployments in critical risk countries with the CIA before being recruited by Microsoft in 2020.  

During his time at Microsoft, Michael managed the High-Risk Intelligence program under Cloud Operation and Innovation and was responsible for producing critical risk outlook for decision making within the executive office for hundreds of Microsoft’s physical assets in dozens of countries globally. In early 2023, Michael began consulting on corporate security and intelligence programs for some of largest organizations in the world to support design and implementation of intelligence teams, corporate and physical security functions, and internal GSOC and fusion centers. 

Michael is an avid adventurer and extreme sports enthusiast who spends much of his free time training and traveling to destinations around the world to conquer the elements. Michael currently splits his time between a home in Atlanta, Georgia where he has two children, and Los Angeles, California. 

Michael Goble
Buddy 3

Welcome to our new Management Accountant

Kayzee Aqui joins Sibylline as a Management Accountant based in London, UK. Kayzee’s previous experience includes working for a leading fintech event for 7 years as a Management Accountant. She has experience in cost control, budgeting and cost forecasting. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with Accounting from Kingston University and is CIMA part-qualified Accountant. Kayzee is fluent in both English and Tagalog having lived most of her childhood years in the Philippines. Outside of work, Kayzee enjoys travelling and exploring new places. She is also a foodie who loves trying new places to eat! 

Welcome to our new Associate Analyst

Denise Schipani joins Sibylline as an Associate Analyst based in London. Denise has prior experience working as a Threat Intelligence Researcher, where she identified and assessed high-risk individuals often affiliated with extremist far-right groups. She also has experience in providing technical advice to integrate cyber security solutions in customers’ environments, log analysis, and managing cyber incidents. Denise has a Master’s degree in Security Studies from UCL, where she researched the potential of climate mitigating policies in preventing the outbreak of climate-related violence. She also holds a BA in International Relations and Chinese, having studied Chinese at Beijing Normal University. In her free time, Denise enjoys going to ballet classes and watching ballet performances, as well as cooking new vegetarian and vegan recipes, trying new restaurants, travelling, and reading.

Denise Schipani

Annoucements & Updates


osac germany jpg

Events Announcement: Back To Berlin

Global Intelligence Manager Liana Semchuk and Client Relations Manager Robert Veldhuizen are back in Berlin for the OSAC Germany 2024 Conference (28 February), hosted by Google. The conference will feature sessions on DEI, the outlook and risks related to EURO2024 in Germany in addition to those related to AI.  


Events Announcement: Visting Vienna For ASIS 2024

Client Relations Manager Robert Veldhuizen and Rebecca Mingotti Landriani, in addition to Embedded Service Manager Luke Brawn, will attend the 2024 ASIS Conference in Vienna (20-22 March). The event will focus on physical and cyber security risks, and the role security plays in supporting business objectives. We are looking forward to discussing with existing and new client how Sibylline does exactly that.


asis europe
Rebecca Mingotti Landriani

Welcome to our new Client Relationship Manager

Rebecca Mingotti Landriani joins Sibylline’s London office as a Client Relationship Manager. She has prior experience engaging with clients in the private equity and defence industries at PE search fund Birch Faraday Capital and, more recently, as Lead Analyst at Janes. Rebecca holds a Master’s degree from King’s College London, where her research focused on European trade relations with China and global supply chains. She holds a BA in Chinese and International Relations from the University of Leeds and Beijing Normal University. Having lived in both Taiwan and China, Rebecca is a fully proficient Standard Northern Mandarin speaker. She is also fluent in French, is a native Italian speaker, and has a working knowledge of Russian. In her free time, Rebecca loves practicing oil/ink painting, running, and joining any good outdoors adventure or sports competition.


Welcome to our new Latin America Intelligence Analyst

Alex Marciniak joins Sibylline as a Latin America Intelligence Analyst based in London. He has prior experience in threat intelligence analysis, focussing on South America.  In addition, he has previously worked in journalism in Spain and Community Organising to help migrants gain access to healthcare in London. Alex holds a master's degree in Intelligence and International Security from King's College London and an undergraduate degree in Spanish and History from the University of Edinburgh. He also completed a semester-long Erasmus exchange at the University of Seville. His academic interests include British Intelligence History, the Mediterranean during the medieval period and Francoist Spain. In his spare time, he enjoys indoor climbing, the NFL and home cooking.

Alex Marciniak
Omar Khadr

Welcome to our new Intelligence Analyst

Omar Khadr joins Sibylline as an Intelligence Analyst based in London. He used to work as a Research Analyst in Globaldata consulting firm, where he conducted market access analysis for clients operating in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Omar has also extensive experience in broadcast media, working as a journalist and a news producer in Alaraby Television Network in London for seven years. He holds an MA in International Politics and Security Studies from the University of Bradford in addition to a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Alexandria in Egypt. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, street photography and strategy games. Omar speaks Arabic, English and conversational French.


Welcome to our new Principal Analyst - Asia Pacific

Jonah Kaplan joins Sibylline as a Principal Analyst - APAC based in London. He has experience working as an intelligence analyst at Dragonfly, focusing mainly on the South Asia region. Jonah attained a Masters degree in International Relations from the Hopkins-Nanjing Center after completing a BA in Chinese Studies at Oxford. He has researched developments in the relationship between China, the UK, and the US. Aside from work, Jonah enjoys chess, running, and travelling, and is an Arsenal and test cricket enthusiast.

Hephsi, Jonah & Brian Kaplan

Welcome to all our new team members!

Robert Sutcliffe (VSOC Analyst); George Joel (Security Operator); Charles Clarke (Associate Analyst – Data & Insights); Emad Algahim (GSOC Analyst);  John Carter (Security Operator); Amy Ranger (Threat Intelligence Analyst); Geoff Sumner (Crisis Management Lead); Benjamin Brook (Security Operator); Jacob Cooksey (GSOC Operator); Kyle So (GSOC Analyst); Denise Schipani (Associate Analyst – Cyber & Geopolitics); Kathleen Fronczak (VSOC Analyst); Muhammed Ashary Bin Rosten (Regional Security Manager); Caitlin Healing (Project Manager, Global Threats and Crisis Management);  Antony Arunraj (GSOC Operator); Chandan Rai (GSOC Operator); Rajib Barik B (GSOC Operator); Dinesh Shanmugam (GSOC Operator).

Annoucements & Updates



Announcement: 2024 Annual Forecast Report & Webinar

Sibylline released its Annual Forecast for 2024 last week. In this report, 5 key global themes were highlighted: (1) the impacts of climate change; (2) the rising tides of conflict and extremism; (3) political polarisation and the erosion of trust; (4) competing geopolitical orders and; (5) global economic uncertainty.  

We discuss the key impacts of these themes in the first section of this report, breaking down our analysis by region, where the three top strategies risks are outlined and assessed per their impact to the safety and security of global organizations’ operations in the coming three, six and 12-months. 

As part of the annual forecast, and which will be expanded upon next year as part our World Risk Register (WRR) product and service offering, we are tracking 101 major strategic risks across our eight regions of analysis (in addition to cyber risks). To access our report, please register below. To access our webinar recordings, please contact:  


Events Announcement: Sibylline Returns From OSAC Week

It was a delight to return to central DC for OSAC week in early November for a jam-packed week of conferences and panels across the city. Sibylline hosted its first ever Leadership Summit at the start of the week which was well-received by the attendees (and completely full!). We look forward to returning and hosting exciting events next year – until then! 



Events Announcement: Back From Berlin

Our team returned from Berlin last week after a successful and stimulating three-day CSO360 conference filled with panels and roundtables attended by professionals across the corporate security and intelligence sector. On the second day, Sibylline hosted a very unique dinner for attendees: at the Käfer, located on the top of the Reichstag building in the heart of Berlin. We look forward to returning next year! If you are interested in attending, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Floris Bosscher

Welcome to our new Intelligence Analyst for Europe

Floris Bosscher joins Sibylline as an intelligence analyst for Europe. He served as a trainee at the EU’s Counter-Terrorism Coordination Centre, where he focused on violent extremist threats from the political right, left, alongside religiously inspired violent extremism. Floris holds degrees from Utrecht University, the LSE, and Cambridge University. Originally from the Netherlands, Floris is fluent in Dutch next to English. He is also near fluent in German and has intermediate skills in Arabic. In his free time, Floris likes to spend time with family and friends, work out, read, and visit museums.  

What motivated and interested you to join and work in the strategic intelligence sector? I have always been interested in intelligence work and the European continent and project have fascinated me especially. I believe Europe is at a cross-roads where it is moving on from its clouded past whilst being less reliant on its big brother on the other side of the ocean. This is an intriguing journey, that businesses, politicians and cultural leaders will have to navigate. I hope that my works contributes to informing them of some of the threats along the way.  


Welcome to our new Americas Associate Analyst

Claire Brady joins Sibylline as an Associate Analyst based in London. Claire has prior experience working as an Open-Source Researcher for the non-profit BallotReady, focusing on election and voting issues in the United States. She was also a writer for various US-based and international nonprofits, researching topics surrounding women’s and minority rights in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Claire holds an MA in Intelligence and International Security from King’s College London, where she researched the interaction and overlap between US Special Forces and Intelligence Agencies in counterterror operations. She holds a BA in International Studies from the University of Michigan. In her free time, Claire enjoys reading, running, trying new restaurants and watching football, especially Manchester City. 

Claire Brady

Welcome to our new Embedded Investigative Analyst

Bryce Webster-Jacobsen joins as an Embedded Investigative Analyst based in Chicago, IL. Prior to joining Sibylline, he played a key role in professional services at an OSINT and cyber threat intelligence technology startup. In this capacity, Bryce not only led the development of the firm's analyst team but also spearheaded client intelligence services. Bryce pursued his graduate studies at George Washington University in International Policy & Practice with a concentration in Transnational Threats. In his free time, Bryce is an avid culinary enthusiast. He delights in cooking, mixing craft cocktails, and exploring Chicago's vibrant food scene. He has a passion for live music, evident in his attendance at approximately 30 concerts each year. Bryce, along with his wife, finds joy in the company of their two cats 



Welcome back to our Intelligence Analyst

Ariel Chiang returns as an Intelligence Analyst based in the DMV area. Her previous experience involved content risk management, fraud investigation and designing procedures to mitigate platform abuses at a technology company that operates several popular social media platforms. Ariel holds the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) certification and has 4 years of experience working on third-party compliance risks management and due diligence research. She holds an MA in International Economics from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), concentrating on conflict management, and a BA in Political Science from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.  


Ariel Chiang

Welcome to all our new team members!

Melanie Lanksara (Security Operator); Richard White (MENAT Analyst – Tactical and Operational); Rachel Watson (Intelligence Analyst); Alex Castelletti-Anderson (MENAT Analyst – Tactical and Operational); Victor Mendes (Investigative Analyst); Rory Spiers (VSOC Analyst); David Donaldson (VSOC Analyst); Ashley Books (Program Manager) 

Annoucements & Updates


intell hub

Product Announcement: The Intelligence Hub

The Intelligence Hub is Sibylline’s internal Centre of Excellence for collaboration, engagement and mentoring between all our global teams. Whether in-house or embedded, our employees can find colleagues in similar roles, discuss ongoing global developments, access resources and training and much more. The Intelligence Hub is part of our company’s intranet revamp and marks a new phase in connecting our diverse workforce across the global into one cohesive and effective unit. 

Welcome to our new Business Development Manager

Jimena Shelton is based in the UK and has joined as a Business Development Manager. Most of her professional career was spent as Entrepreneur and Managing Director of an award-winning Colombian coffee manufacturer and distributor. Jimena’s specializes in opening new markets and routes to market, with both new and existing products, as well as building lasting partnerships, with extensive experience in the UK and Latin America. Jimena is Colombian and fluent in both English and Spanish. She is the mother of 2 boys and enjoys reading and travelling. In her spare time, Jimena contributes to her local community as a youth group leader and as Enterprise Business Advisor in secondary schools with the LLEP in the East Midlands. 

Welcome Jimena! How are you has your first week been with us?  My first week at Sibylline has been great!, it has been full of activities, such as one to one meetings with different members of the company,  catch up work-teams meetings, and customers meetings too, while also having time to complete my own online training.  Everybody has been happy to help and the atmosphere of the company is fantastic. I am thrilled to be part of such a professional and active organization, I am really looking forward to start to contribute. 


Jimena Shelton
Sophie Hanck

Welcome to our new Associate Analyst for APAC Team

Sophie Hanck is based in London and has joined the APAC Team as an Associate Analyst. Previously, she has served as a Research Assistant at the University of Oxford and at the French Institute for International Relations’ Centre for Asian Studies. Her academic journey began with a bachelor's in Chinese studies, followed by a master's degree in East Asian Studies at the ENS de Lyon. Sophie studied for an MPhil in International Relations at the University of Oxford, where she completed her thesis on the PRC’s foreign policy discourse towards African states. Sophie is fluent in French, English, and Mandarin and in her free time enjoys rowing and is an avid listener of classical music. 

Welcome to Sibylline, Sophie! What topics and themes within APAC are you looking forward to researching?  I'm very keen to research China-Taiwan relations, due to my personal ties to both areas. With Taiwan's elections coming up early next year, there will be a lot to keep an eye on! Throughout my academic journey, I have mainly focused on China and its foreign policy. I’m very excited for the opportunity to broaden the scope of my focus and explore new areas and topics: I’m particularly interested in gaining more in-depth knowledge about the internal politics of countries in the region. This has led me to go down quite a few rabbit holes in the past few weeks – the most recent was New Zealand’s political landscape: messy, but interesting. 


Welcome to our new Associate Intelligence Analyst

Lily Hood has joined as an Associate Intelligence Analyst focusing on North America and Latin America. She previously worked as a Research Coordinator for two foreign policy think tanks where she focused on feminist foreign policy framework recommendations. Lily also worked at an NGO encouraging corporate equality, providing her insight into the importance of ESG practices. She recently graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MPhil in Latin American Studies combing her regional interests in North and Latin America. She possesses a bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, tennis and playing netball for a local team. 

What does Sibylline represent for you at this phase of your career? What interested you in joining and what excites you most about the future with us? Joining Sibylline marks an exciting beginning to my career, and represents a place where I hope to grow and develop. I was drawn to Sibylline in particular because of the opportunity to work day to day on fascinating  topics which you cannot do at many other firms. I also was really drawn to the fact you get to work daily on specific geopolitical regions and develop a deep knowledge on these certain areas. I am really excited be the propesct of taking ownership for big projects and working closer with clients, as well as becoming more of an regional expert more broadly like the principal desk leads. 



Welcome back to our Embedded VSOC Team Manager

Liz Lauzon returns to Sibylline as an embedded VSOC Team Manager based in Washington DC. She was previously with Sibylline, embedded at Meta as a Latin America Intel Analyst in Mexico City before going in-house as the Americas Regional Lead. She has cultivated LATAM regional expertise and Spanish over the past 10 years working at the Organization of American States (OAS) working on drug demand reductions projects, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) providing on security risk analysis and at Southern Pulse conducting bespoke investigative and due diligence projects. Liz holds a Master of Public Diplomacy from the University of Southern California and Bachelors in International Studies and Spanish from the University of Richmond. She enjoys early morning runs, playing with her dog Picasso, dabbling with playing the piano and taking care of her plants. 

 Welcome back Liz! What’s different from your last role and this one? And what are you most looking forward to working on? When I was last with Sibylline at Meta, I was a Latin America subject matter expert providing analysis on how current events could affect the client’s physical security and reputational risks in the region. Returning to Sibylline, instead of being an analyst, I will lead a team of analysts to monitor a new client’s platform and current events and provide incident response support. In the new role, I am expanding beyond my regional expertise to oversee a global team – but I will be relying on that “analyst experience” to not only cultivate relationships with my analysts but also build out the infrastructure for this new VSOC. This is one element I find very exciting – building something from scratch and being able to influence how the program will operate. I am also looking forward to getting to know my analysts and harnessing their expertise to deliver actionable insights for the client.   



Sydney Stewart, based in London, has been promoted to the role of Lead Americas Analyst. In this role, she will lead the Global Intelligence Team's coverage of political and security risk in North America and Latin America. Before Sibylline, Sydney worked at a global strategic communications and campaigns agency, helping drive client engagement in the EU and globally. During this time, she specialised in EU tech regulation, advising clients on the Digital Services Act, as well as supporting nonprofit advocacy clients based in Washington DC. Sydney also worked at a global think tank producing research on global peace and terrorism. She holds a master's degree from the European Institute at the LSE, and a bachelor's degree in international affairs from the Brussels School of Governance. While living in Brussels, Sydney gained fluency in French and basic competency in Dutch and Arabic. 



Welcome to all our new team members!

Chris Reyes (GSOC Operators); Hieu Le (GSOC Analyst); Hugh Leader (Crisis Response Manager); Frank Fraser (Threat Intelligence Analyst); Matthew Smith (Retail Security Support Analyst) 

Annoucements & Updates



Product Announcement: The Ukraine Monthly Report

We are proud to announce the launch of our new reporting product, ‘The Ukraine Monthly’, which is a comprehensive forecast report crafted by our industry-leading Eurasia team. The report not only summarises the month’s key developments but explores short, medium and long-term scenarios, mapping out indicators, warnings and triggers. The scenarios are intricately linked with Sibylline’s strategic risk register, allowing clients to map interlinked threats that could have an impact on their organisations. 

Product Announcement: API Integration & Customization

We are excited to announce the launch of our new ASTRA API integration and customization feature; one that has increasingly been requested by clients in recent months. This will allow users to connect directly to the data that feeds our ASTRA platform and tailor them to their specific needs, whether that is part of existing risk models and/or native dashboard tools, to name just a couple use cases. Our quantitative risk ratings in the ASTRA platform currently include nearly 50 unique factors assessed on a 1-10 scale, with forward-looking trend indicators. These cover Political, Security, Governance, Criminal, and Health threats... with other categories being added as we speak. This is just one of a series of changes that are coming to our ASTRA platform – stay tuned for more!  

Andrew Wood

Welcome to our new Group Finance Director

Andrew Wood joins us from Guinness World Records (GWR) as Group Finance Director. He brings extensive knowledge and experience in establishing and running a mature enterprise finance functions. At GWR, he led the development of its Business Partnering function, supporting and driving the business in its evolution into a PR & Marketing consultancy, helping grow this new business unit into the company’s primary revenue stream. In addition to this, Andrew was an integral member of the governance leadership team and drove the modernisation of the company's finance function. 

What records are you most looking forward to breaking with Sibylline? Guinness World Records has a record in its database for Fastest-Growing internet service provider. So I think, why not go for a record for the fastest-growing strategic risk consultancy. During lunchtime I think I can go for the most hamburgers eaten in one minute. The record is 5 which I think sounds beatable.


Welcome to our new Embedded Intelligence Analyst

Shubhangi Priya joins Sibylline as an Embedded Intelligence Analyst based in India. She has prior experience working in intelligence and security management with an EMEA and APAC regional focus. Shubhangi previously worked with the United Nations Development Programme where she supported UNDP’s sustainable finance offer in Europe and East Africa. She has a master’s degree in International Affairs specialising in Global Security from The Geneva Graduate Institute. Growing up in India, Shubhangi is fluent in Hindi and can also speak French as well as a basic level of German. In her spare time, Shubhangi loves singing, playing her ukulele, and enjoys Japanese and Italian


Shubhangi Priya

Welcome to all our new team members!

David Aspenson (GSOC Analyst); Taylor Dein (GSOC Operator); Shiza Abbasi (Intelligence Analyst – South Asia Branch); Wesley Newman (GSOC Analyst); Lily Hood (Associate Analyst); Qiao Wen (Intelligence Analyst – DOI); Kenny Osborne (GSOC Manager); Floris Bosscher (Intelligence Analyst – Europe); Makenzie Lucas (GSOC Analyst); Corey Harper (GSOC Operator); Alexandra Adams (Talent Acquisition Partner)  

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