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This article looks at Sibylline’s culture and the importance that we as a company place on valuing and cultivating talent and provide them with opportunities to develop and grow within our company.

Lisa Zaripov - Head of Embed Operations

At Sibylline, a core value for us is to use our embed service to spot talent and bring it in-house. A key difference compared to our competitors is that our embed employees are a true extension of our company. Embeds enjoy the same benefits, opportunities and recognition as our regular employees and have access to our training and learning platform as well as resources such as the Intelligence Hub that connects analysts throughout the company. We believe that by investing in our embeds, we can foster a culture of innovation, collaboration and excellence. 

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Grace Goodwin - Client Relationship Manager

 I joined Sibylline as an embedded intelligence analyst in late 2019. Throughout my time with the client, Sibylline's continuous support of myself and fellow embeds at the client really stood out, especially in comparison to the experiences of colleagues embedded with the client through other vendors, who frequently expressed they felt like nothing more than "butts in seats to make money." After 2.5 years, I began contemplating my next steps, and Sibylline was very supportive, helping to brainstorm possibilities, including on other embed contracts, as well as Sibylline's corporate team. Sibylline highlighted that my past experience as an in-house practitioner at Starbucks, combined with my experience as an embedded practitioner, would make a valuable addition to Sibylline's Client Relationship branch, and so added headcount to the team so I could make the jump. I loved (and continue to love!) Sibylline's commitment to the growth and professional development of all its employees, and that they were more than willing to put my needs over what might rake in the most profit. 

Luke Brawn - Embedded Operations Manager EMEA

I started at Sibylline as an embedded GSOC manager for a tech client in July 2022 after 13 years in the British Army. Sibylline’s culture and values appealed to me, being similar to those of the military, and that the role allowed me to transfer my intelligence and management skills into the private sector. Whilst the focus of an embed will naturally be more aligned to the client who the work operationally with day-to-day, I really valued the wider support from Sibylline, both for management, and the wider network of embedded teams. When the role of embedded operations manager for EMEA opened, I jumped at the chance to apply my experience in supporting and guiding embedded teams. I was particularly keen to build on and expand the “embed network” and tie in with the in-house analytical team, a wider pool of resources and experience which makes Sibylline’s embedded teams unique. As Sibylline continues to grow, I’m proud to be part of a company that retains the “small firm” ethos and empathy in how we operate and interact, both internally and externally.

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Robert Veldhuizen - Client Relations Manager

I have been at Sibylline since 2020, a year of significant growth for the company. As an embed analyst, I appreciated how the company regularly offered me in-house opportunities that matched my profile and career goals. This was a noticeable difference from my previous employers. The company also had a strong focus on training and upskilling me and my team members. Over the past three years, I have witnessed the culture and leadership of Sibylline embrace constant improvement and a key driver throughout the business. Now in-house as a member of the Relationship team, I am excited to play my own role in this mission and contribute to the company as well as my colleague’s success. 

Liz Lauzon - Embedded VSOC Team Manager

Sibylline has always promoted the growth of its employees, including having conversations about career trajectories, providing training, as well as sharing new opportunities. When I decided to apply for a role in-house at Meta on the team I was embedded with, Sibylline was encouraging. I remember Greg Hoobler saying he would be proud if I “went in-house" as it demonstrates that Sibylline really picks quality employees and that the Company succeeded in supporting its people in being ready for the next step in their career. I loved that Sibylline helped me put my career first, instead of only thinking about “bodies on a contract”. 

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Lisa Zaripov is Sibylline’s Head of Embed Operations. To learn more about our Embed solutions, contact us via the link below.

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