The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses across the globe to rely more on cloud computing and third-party technology to support remote working arrangements. In this week's podcast, Amy Reynolds, Deputy Insight Manager, is joined by Hans Horan, Cyber Analyst, and Guo Yu, lead ASPAC Analyst, to unpack how this increased inter-connectivity has also provided cyber threat actors with a myriad of new avenues through which to target businesses. The most notable of these vectors has been the targeting of software supply chains, which is best exemplified by the Russia-led SolarWinds attack that resulted in the compromise of nine US government agencies and around 100 private companies. With the pandemic still raging on around the world, many firms will continue their heavy reliance on third-party technology as a means to ensure operational continuity. Corporate risk exposure to cyber security threats enabled by software supply chains is only expected to grow.

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