British Naval Deployment to Indo-Pacific Amid Heightened Regional Tensions

In this week's podcast Jonathan Dunbar, EMEA Director, is joined by Guo Yu, PhD, Lead APAC Analyst, and John Harley Breen, Lead Global Risks Analyst, to discuss the British-led naval deployment to Asia amid heightened regional tensions. The UK’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth recently deployed as part of a larger naval strike group to the Indo-Pacific in her inaugural operational deployment. The carrier, armed with 5th generation multirole F-35B jets of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and United States Marine Corps (USMC), along with other rotary wing aircraft and a detachment of Royal Marines, will visit 40 countries, including India, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, as part of this 28-week mission. The strike group will also conduct joint exercises with the US and many allies along its voyage. The power-projecting deployment comes amid rising geopolitical tensions in the region, underpinned by the strategic rivalry between China and the US.
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