The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the unfolding crisis have dominated the global headlines in recent days. While the eventual fall of the civilian government in Kabul had been foreseen, the speed of the Taliban's advance and the capitulation of the Afghan National Army shocked the international community. As many foreign governments struggle in the chaotic evacuation operations, the Taliban continues to assert its authority, and seeks to bolster its political legitimacy and international recognition by pledging for an "inclusive Islamic government". However, many remain sceptical about the sincerity of the group's promises, dismissing them as a mere "PR campaign". Others are pondering what the return of Taliban rule in Afghanistan means for the country and the wider region.

In this week's podcast, join your host Dr Guo Yu, Lead Asia-Pacific Analyst along with Supriya Ravishankar, our South Asia Analyst, and Aedan Mordecai, our Asia-Pacific Analyst to discuss the latest situation in Afghanistan and the possible political and security implications under a Taliban government.

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