In this week's podcast, join Valeria Scuto, our Middle East, North Africa and Turkey Analyst, along with Anastasia Chisholm and Rhiannon Phillips, our Associate Analysts, to discuss that in recent weeks we have witnessed an escalation in the conflict between Saudi-led Coalition forces and Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen's southern and eastern provinces, culminating in the Houthis targeting sites across Abu Dhabi on 24 January and exactly a week prior.

These latest developments have cast a spotlight on an often-overlooked conflict while confirming the long-range capabilities of the Houthi rebels. As a result, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are calling on support from international partners, most notably the US, to manage the elevated threat towards critical infrastructure, assets, and personnel.

Sustained Houthi threats in the coming weeks are likely to elevate regional tensions as world powers continue to pursue a nuclear deal with Iran while heightening business uncertainty across the Kingdom and the Emirates.

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