LIVE BRIEFING: China-Taiwan: Scenarios for Escalation, Conflict, and the Likelihood of US Intervention

06 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 1600 BST

Tensions in and around the Taiwan Strait have remained high over the past four years amid Beijing's increasingly aggressive assertion of its sovereignty claim of the self-governing island. The intensifying geopolitical friction between China and the US will be the backdrop to the 2024 presidential elections in both Taiwan and the US. Those election outcomes will play a key part in shaping the important – and at times highly antagonistic – triangular relations. There will likely be more 'rough waters' ahead in the Taiwan Strait over the next 12-18 months and beyond.

In this webinar, Sibylline's East Asia and North America experts will take a strategic view and assess possible scenarios on various levels of confrontation and conflict over Taiwan, and their likely triggers and indicators. Our analysts will also explore how the US may respond to any military contingencies between China and Taiwan.

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