What Sets Sibylline Embedded Services Apart?


This article looks at what sets Sibylline’s Embedded Services apart from the perspective of our Senior Embedded Services Manager, Luke Brawn. The article highlights the department's unique structure and how its approach to talent; specifically, finding, assessing and acquiring, in addition to retaining it through training and development initiatives, sets Sibylline apart in the intelligence and security sector.

The Embedded Services team is responsible for managing daily operations, performance, onboarding, training, KPIs, scheduling and routine approvals of our embedded employees, as well as providing continuous support to embeds to improve service delivery to our clients. The branch is uniquely positioned within Sibylline, linking it within larger support structure of other departments, ensuring a whole-firm approach to performance, skills, learning and best practice. This includes:


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People Branch (HR): This department responds to all issues pertaining to Human Resources on the account, such as employment contracts, pay and benefits, health and wellbeing, and disciplinary actions. HR also owns our recruitment process and works closely with Intelligence Operations on routine issues, ensuring that embeds have the support and resources they need.

Global Intelligence Team (GIT): This is our core team of intelligence analysts based at Sibylline HQ in London. Divided into regional and thematic desks, this team is responsible for our core intelligence services (such as our World Risk Register and ASTRA) and often collaborates with embedded teams to share information, resources and best practices.

Business Excellence Branch (BEX): This team is responsible for facilitating any technical requirements on your account (such as laptops, office equipment, accesses, etc.), managing embed access to Sibylline systems, office administration, executive support and coordinating invoicing. Business Excellence works closely with all the other branches.

Relationship Branch (REL): This team is the first to engage with new clients. They are responsible for building proposals, responding to queries relating to service contracts or finances, pricing, renewals, processing client feedback and other high-level issues. Your designated Client Relationship Managers will remain engaged with you on a regular basis throughout our partnership.

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Thanks to its networked, there are four key traits that sets our Embedded Services apart and relate to the central role that personnel play in our business excellence, allowing our clients to implement solutions that enable a first-class intelligence and security function. These are:

  • Talent Acquisition: Sibylline’s Talent Acquisition function within HR enables us to move exceptionally quickly to find talent, meet emerging needs, support career development and address performance issues. Our experienced recruiters identify and attract best-in-class talent. We work closely with our department to ensure we are meeting business needs and providing the best possible service to our clients as well as employees.
  • Assessing and Selecting Candidates: We have a proven and reputed, multi-stage candidate selection process. This has been extensively refined to ensure candidates are assessed thoroughly. We draw internally and maintain an active database of candidates worldwide, many of whom we have worked with on projects or in previous employment. We also launch external campaigns to ensure selection from first-class talent.
  • The Embedded Network: From our internal centre of excellence, the Intelligence Hub, to our network of embeds across a range of different companies and organisations, embedded employees have the ability to collaborate widely, and draw upon the expertise of other embeds and internal team members for analytical benchmarking and to share best practices.
  • Training and Development: Our embedded colleagues come with tremendous levels of benefits and support. Employees receive extensive training and mentoring from our management teams to ensure that Sibylline’s high standards are consistently adhered as well as providing an environment for growth and development. Our Talent Acquisition team plays a key role in providing growth and development opportunities for our employees, reducing turnover rates.

Separately, many of our corporate leadership including myself have previous firsthand experience as embeds. This gives us a unique and informed perspective on what it takes to succeed – from understanding client requirements and delivering them with the requisite experience, skillset and competencies to structural elements such as team dynamics and development pathways. Altogether, this positions us as a leading innovator within the embedded services domain, ready to partner with clients to give them the best possible programs.

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Luke Brawn, Senior Embedded Services Manager.

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