BRIEFING: Democratic Republic of Congo: Conflict Watch - The M23 Group

Wednesday 6 March @ 1600hrs GMT (London) / 1100hrs EST (New York)

levated levels of conflict between the Congolese armed forces (FARDC), supported by regional forces and the M23 rebel group, backed by Rwanda have persisted for several weeks. Fighting has reached the town of Sake, 15 miles (24km) west of the Goma, the regional capital, the closest fighting has been to the city since the M23 launched their latest offensive in 2022. Both sides appear to be concentrating on a military resolution, with increased regional support for the FARDC encountering the provision of increasingly sophisticated weaponry to the M23, elevating threats around Goma and sustaining instability. 

Please note the change of time for this briefing, it will now be at 1600hrs GMT (London) / 1100hrs EST (New York).

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