BRIEFING: US-Iran The Way Ahead

Wednesday 24 April @ 1600hrs BST (London) / 1100hrs EDT (New York)

Following the attack on US troops in Jordan, maritime strikes from the Houthis and the Iranian attack on Israeli territory, our team of experts have analysed the potential for a confrontation between the US and Iran. With Israel-Iran engagement moving out of the shadows, the US’ commitment to its regional ally could lead into direct conflict with Iran. Our team has created a Strategic Risk Forecast to answer: will the US and Iran engage in sustained combat operations against each other’s territory or assets in the next 12 months?

Our regional analysts have examined the triggers, warnings and indicators to outline the probabilities of a number of scenarios involving the US and Iran. Tune in to hear how the US presidential election, the Israel-Hamas war and other geopolitical factors will alter the likelihood of conflict.

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