Special Briefing: European Parliament Elections

Wednesday 15 May @ 1600hrs BST (London) / 1100hrs EDT (New York)

The upcoming European Parliament elections (scheduled for 6-9 June) are projected to maintain a centrist majority, albeit one that is slightly reduced. However, right-wing and hard-right parties are anticipated to bolster their representation. This shift, coupled with diverse policy agendas, will possibly lead to a dilution of green policies and a re-evaluation of the bloc's approach to China. Additionally, there is concern about possible interference by pro-Russia and pro-China entities utilising emerging technologies like AI and deepfakes. However, their impact on policy outcomes is expected to be less pronounced during the European Parliament elections than during national elections.

Join our panel of experts as they discuss how the results of the elections could impact the risks facing businesses across Europe.

*Please be aware that we do not accept personal email addresses, when registering for the briefing please use a corporate address. If you are unable to register with a corporate email address please email events@sibylline.co.uk.

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