BRIEFING: Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games

Wednesday 3 July @ 1600hrs BST (London) / 1100hrs EDT (New York)

Between 26 July to 11 August, France will host the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games, followed by the Paralympic Games between 28 August to 8 September. Any Olympic Games will pose myriad security risks to the host country, but the Paris Olympics are faced with a unique combination of risks that make preparing for the Games all the more vital for businesses and organisations.

Join us for a special webinar where we will outline the key security threats to the Games, put the international geopolitical and domestic political situation in context, and assess key trigger points and scenarios that could influence the security landscape throughout the competition.

*Please be aware that we do not accept personal email addresses, when registering for the briefing please use a corporate address. If you are unable to register with a corporate email address please email

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