BRIEFING: Australia amid a changing Asia-Pacific landscape

Australia’s role in the Asia-Pacific is increasingly being tested by a variety of systemic changes across the continental landscape. Economic uncertainties, new political leaderships, the Russo-Ukrainian War, climate change, and a rising China in the South Pacific are challenging Australia both at home and abroad. Moreover, uncertainties and crises brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, including food security and supply-chains disruptions, compounded by a fracturing international order, will require Australia to adapt to new realities.

This webinar will explore how the changing economic and political landscape in the Asia-Pacific will affect Australia, what risks will impact it the most, and assess the approaches necessary to adapt to these new changes.

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BRIEFING: Australia amid a changing Asia-Pacific landscape

0700 BST / 1400 SGT / 1600 AEST
28 July 2022

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