BRIEFING: Escalating Tensions over Taiwan amid Pelosi's Visit: Scenarios and Implications

Tensions in and around the Taiwan Strait have increased to their highest level since the 1995-1996 missile crisis amid the expected visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the self-governing island. Having repeatedly warned against what it regards as a highly provocative trip, Beijing has significantly stepped up military activities around Taiwan in recent days, including the announcement of multiple live-fire drills in China's periphery seas. In response, the US has also deployed naval and air assets to the region, not least to protect the visiting congressional delegation.

With Pelosi's trip marking the most senior US official visit to Taiwan in 25 years, this webinar will explore the possible political, military, economic and cyber responses from Beijing as well as their potential implications. Our regional experts will also assess what the likely sabre-rattling actions by the People's Liberation Army will mean for the prospects of a forceful Chinese takeover of Taiwan.

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BRIEFING: Escalating Tensions over Taiwan amid Pelosi's Visit: Scenarios and Implications

1600 BST
3 August 2022

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