Global Extremism Quarterly Q3 2021


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The Extremism Quarterly provides insight to help clients track, understand and manage the threat posed by all forms of radical extremism. In this edition, there will be a special report outlining the impact of the US and NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan on the threat of terrorism globally. There will also be updates to our annual themes, including an assessment of the impact of Covid-19 on the threat from far-right extremists in Europe and the US, as well as the latest trends in Islamic State (IS) attacks across the Middle East and Africa.

For this quarter, we will also consider the impact of the spread of jihadist groups into Cameroon, as well as the implications of reported acquisitions of advanced weapons technology (including 3D printed weapons) by extremist groups in the US and Europe.

Within the report, Sibylline's proprietary ASTRA data will provide long-term trend visualisations of the global threat of extremism through the lens of our Attacks and International Terrorism risk categories. Other visualisations will include a network analysis of anti-vaxxer groups, as well as detailed maps identifying terrorism hotspots and the shifting threat landscape.

Please note this report and free trial will not be released until 29th September 2021.

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