Health, hazards, and the environment; how corporate decision-makers can survive

Covid has highlighted the severe disruption posed by health risks, while natural hazards are also coming to the fore in the wake of Hurricane Ida and the western American wildfires, to name just two examples. Meanwhile, governments at COP 26 will further focus on concerns relating to the environment, with many believing we are reaching a critical juncture to mitigate the risks from climate change. Overall, there can be no doubt that health, natural hazards, and the environment will pose ever increasing challenges for all organisations, regardless of their size or industry.

Please therefore join the Sibylline global intelligence team and special guests for this essential and insightful session for all risk, intelligence, and security professionals. The briefing will examine how health security and natural hazards pose risks to organisations, plotting the effects and lasting implications of current challenges. More importantly, we will use data and scenario analyses to delve deeply into what will come next, and what we can all do to get ahead of the issues posed, helping ensure the safety and resilience of staff, market access, assets, reputation, and technology in the face of future threats.

We look forward to seeing you and answering your questions about this critical range of challenges for the coming decade and beyond

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