Global Analysis

We provide unparalleled geopolitical and country risk analysis.

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What is Global Analysis?

We provide unparalleled geopolitical and country risk analysis.

Sibylline helps clients understand their risk environment and mitigate such risks to create opportunities and protect their staff, operations, and assets.

Our range of qualitative and quantitative intelligence products enable clients to make informed decisions for their business strategy, operations, people, and reputation.

Insightful and predictive, our Global Analysis service keeps you and your team informed of global events. Our timely and contextualized insights ensure you are ahead of the curve on a broad range of security, political, governance, criminal, and health & hazards risks, including ESG factors.

Why Sibylline?

Global in our scope, local in our knowledge

Our team of more than 200 in-house and embedded analysts and subject matter experts cover the world every day, using advanced open-source and threat monitoring tools, in various languages. 

Our Global Intelligence Team uses a robust methodology to assess 44risk factors in more than 240 countries and country regions, and 150 cities, leveraging broad expertise while achieving a high level of granularity. 

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Putting the user first

Our subscription-based services include regular access to our analysts for enquiries and discussions. We can also tailor our content and threat monitoring tools to our clients’ specific needs in terms of format, risk priority and regions of interest, as well as conducting special projects on request.

Our intelligence reporting is easily accessible via our online risk-scoring ASTRA portal, where risk weighting can be customised, or incorporated to your organisation via an API or a specific system.

Our Global Analysis Products

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The World Risk Register

Our World Risk Register (WRR) annual subscription is a comprehensive package that provides intelligence reports by email and download. The subscription provides access to ASTRA portal, our country risk model featuring 15,000 individual risk scores and trends, and direct access to our analysts, complemented by regular client briefings, podcasts, and events.

COVID Reporting

Provides detailed reporting, including scenario & forecast, countermeasures, mitigation trends, and corporate best practices to support your organisation to rebuild global operations safely and responsibly. ​

The Cyber Risk Register

Provides an overview of cyber threats, trends and the impact of attacks on geopolitical dynamics.​ Delivered through daily reporting and by request, the CRR helps you keep informed about the key developments in cyber warfare and security to better protect your organisation.

Special Reporting

Examples of special reports includes Extremism Quarterly report, Ukraine bulletins, China Strategy Watch, etc.

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Tailored Analysis

We provide tailored and contextualized reports and project work on a wide range of assignments, with the guarantee of a quick turn-around and a flexible and transparent pricing.

Although assignments naturally vary, typical projects and tasks include Site threat and risk assessments; Event threat assessment​; Travel threat and risk assessments; Geopolitical scenario analysis; Market entry and corporate intelligence​; Deep-dive analysis on a specific topic or issue, etc.

The World Risk Register

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The World Risk Register (WRR)

Our intelligence briefs and reports vary in frequency and format, designed to answer different requirements comprehensively and be leveraged by different stakeholders within your organisation.
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The Cyber Risk Register

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The Cyber Risk Register (CRR)

At the intersection of physical, geopolitical and cyber risk topics, our Cyber Risk Register (CRR) offers country-level overviews of the cyber risk environment.

The CRR combines tactical developments through daily reporting with a strategic forecast on a monthly and quarterly basis. We therefore help your team maintain awareness on imminent threats that are emerging in the cyber sphere, thus significantly improving your organization readiness prior to an attack taking place.

The CRR differs from our competitors’ offerings because we focus on geopolitical reasoning behind why threat actors (both state-linked and cyber criminal cartels) target certain industries. In other words, it is unique because it is pitched at a strategic level and is designed to fit cyber issues into the broader context of global risk.

Tailored Analysis

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Tailored Analysis

Our Tailored Analysis service allows us to deliver reporting uniquely shaped to our client's intelligence requirements such as their areas of operations and interest, and the types of risks they are concerned about.

The scope, shape and focus of reporting is fully customisable with access to our analysts through an in-person or online briefing, reflecting the service's focus on engagement and consultation with our clients. ​

What is the difference between Tailored Analysis and routine access to analyst included in the WRR subscription?

The subscription to the WRR gives a routine access to analysts whereby your Requests For Information (RFIs) are answered in a quick email or call, requiring 30 to 60 minutes of an analyst’s time all in all (“Fair use” policy).  RFIs that require a bit more research and analysis would generally take the form of a report written specifically for you, using our Tailored Analysis service and Service Credits options.

What are the key benefits of our Tailored Analysis?

Contextualised intelligence. These special intelligence projects are managed by our Global Intelligence team, also responsible for preparing the reports of our World Risk Register and maintaining our ASTRA. This type of day-to-day activity provides them the context that enables insight and foresight when preparing additional report for our clients that are focused and tailored to time sensitive requests. ​

The guarantee of a quick turn-around. Depending on the scope, delivery of reports can be as quick as two business days. Analysts are also available for briefings over the phone or through virtual meetings. Your client relationship manager can easily bridge your needs with the Global Intelligence Team and facilitate scoping and tasking.​

Flexible and transparent pricing. You can pre-purchase Service Credits in bulk (one credit = one hour of analyst’s time) at a discounted rate or pay as you go when project work is required. Pre-purchased SCs must be used within 12 months

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ASTRA Portal

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ASTRA Portal

ASTRA is Sibylline’s proprietary quantitative risk database underpinning our intelligence offering.

Via a dedicated website, ASTRA supports your intelligence function by providing a measurable idea of location risk across every jurisdiction in the world. The portal gives access to a constantly updated quantitative analysis of the current and predicted trend level of five main risk categories (political, security, governance, criminal, health hazards).

​In addition, ASTRA enables you to download several reports such as risk scores, country risk profiles or City Security Briefs (which are based on our SMART model that offers a snapshot into the risks to staff, markets, assets, reputation, and tech within any given city).

It also provides a searchable archive of historical reporting, with the ability to filter results by Risk Category, Date Range, Report Type, and Boolean Search.

Need something more specialized?

If you require our help but feel your requirements involve a combination of our services, get in touch and we will work with you to understand your problem and how we can meet your needs. Whatever it is, we will do our best to provide a solution for you.

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