Case Studies

The following examples provide case studies of how our services are typically deployed. This is broken down by sector and by service.



Sibylline supports a major US agribusiness, by tailoring our World Risk Register products to the clients’ format so that they can be immediately distributed internally.


Sibylline supports several construction firms with a wide range of services, from risk analysis to investigations. In addition to providing insight on geopolitical and security risk, we also conduct market assessments and provide integrity due diligence checks on third party suppliers and agents. We understand that the remote nature of many construction operations carry unique risks, and thus offer tailored solutions to help these clients mitigate risks to their operations and reputation.

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We support several of the “big four” consultancies, for one of which we provide a tailored weighted ASTRA feed. We enjoy a close relationship with these firms and have a keen understanding of their particular appetite for risk, enabling us to deliver an appropriate and actionable service.


Sibylline has a very close working relationship with a number of global defence firms, achieving the status of “trusted partner”. Our analysts are on first name terms with the client’s security team, and regularly provide value through email or conversational responses to ad-hoc requests. In this way we seek to act as an extension of the client’s own team and can tailor our analysis to the nuanced and distinct challenges faced by defence industry firms.

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Sibylline provides World Risk Register and other geopolitical services to a number of FVEY countries’ public sector departments.

Financial Services

Sibylline is a preferred supplier to several global banks, providing them with enhanced due diligence services. Our relationship with one such bank is going into its ninth year, with their compliance team regularly voicing their appreciation for the insight they gain from our extensive human source network and in-country relationships that we have cultivated over the years. Our reports are regularly regarded as providing vital details and useful clarifications that are otherwise unavailable through open source and public record searches.



Sibylline has a strong relationship with a number of global hotel firms, providing the World Risk Register service and tailored project work on a credits-based system. Our strong position in the sector has allowed us to set up a roundtable working group for industry security professionals to discuss themed issues and share best practice.

Oil & Gas

Sibylline’s proprietary ASTRA system is delivered to support a major global oil company, with the scores tailor-weighted to the client’s needs. The adapted scores are then used to dynamically inform the firm’s global posture.



Sibylline provides a broad monitoring solution to a number of major US mall operators, notably via our MERCURY system. The service alerts clients to street protests and violent unrest occurring in and around their premises in real time.

Sports & Leisure

Sibylline provides geopolitical and monitoring services to a very high-profile sporting organisation. Our work helps the organisation select safe and appropriate venues, monitor developments from up to 10 years out to help determine appropriate mitigation measures, and provide granular daily analysis during events to support their successful operation.

Sport and Leasure
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Sibylline provides a full suite of services to a global online bank, notably via a team of embedded analysts spread worldwide. The team leverages the feed of World Risk Register analysis and tailors it for an internal audience. They also conduct bespoke project work, leveraging Sibylline’s central analytical team and proprietary systems to deliver maximum value. The embedded team is a force multiplier, providing the mainstay of the internal intelligence function.

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