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CCP 20th Congress Special

Sibylline's China Intelligence Review provides a unique window into Beijing's thinking and offers a strategic assessment of its approach to security and defence policy. It looks at this matter through both a domestic and international lens, critically evaluating potential implications for foreign governments and businesses.

The most recent edition – the CCP 20th Congress Special (published in late November) – examined the government's likely response to the mass protests against its zero-Covid strategy, as well as the significance and implications of China's military leadership reshuffle amid growing geopolitical competition.

In the next edition (to be published in January), we will analyse China's abrupt Covid policy shift and how recent protests may prove to present a lasting challenge to Beijing's enduring quest for domestic stability. Regarding security affairs, the next edition will review and analyse the likely business impact related to the recent exposure of China’s overseas police stations, including the likely implications stemming from Beijing's extraterritorial law enforcement and the role of the United Front Work Department.

China Intelligence Report Request

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