Sibylline's Global Extremism Quarterly

Strategic forecast of terrorism and extremism threats and trends throughout the world

Welcome to Sibylline's Extremism Quarterly report. The threat posed by terrorism is continually evolving as groups respond to new global dynamics, alter their weapons and targets of choice, and utilise new technology and recruitment methods. However, the recent pace of change is unprecedented, intensified by the pandemic. To respond to the rapidly shifting threat landscape provided by terrorism and extremism, Sibylline has produced an Extremism Quarterly Report to help clients track, understand and manage the threat posed by extremism.

The report is split into three sections: Developments to Watch, Annual Themes and the Annexe. Developments to Watch responds to the changing dynamics of extremism each year by highlighting new developments that will impact clients. Annual Themes tracks six global themes identified at the start of the year and provides updates on those that have seen the most significant changes in the threat environment each quarter. The Annexe provides a threat rating for over 30 extremist groups throughout the world as well as an overview of the ideology, targets and recent developments for each of these groups.

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