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 International Women’s Day!

In this special episode of the Sibylline Podcast, four of our analysts from the Global Intelligence Branch sit down to...
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South Africa’s Energy Crisis, Pakistan’s New Bill & Latin America’s Stance on the War in Ukraine: Sibylline Insights Ep.4

In this episode our host, Gareth Westwood, is joined by three Sibylline intelligence analysts. Ben Manzin discusses South Africa's use...
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Deep Dive: Turkey & Syria Earthquake Aftermath

In this premier episode of the Sibylline Deep Dive, Gareth Westwood is joined by two intelligence analysts, Valeria Scuto and...
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Conflict in Ethiopia, Climate Activism, Ransomware & Chinese Balloons: Sibylline Insights EP.3

In this episode, our host is joined by Edie Lipton to discuss Ethiopia's other conflict, Thomas Carter to explain climate...
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Brazil, Turkey & Nigeria: Elections Analysis

In this episode, Lead Sub Saharan Africa analyst Ben Manzin unpacks risks associated with the upcoming Nigerian elections. MENA Analyst...

Tensions in Kosovo and Israel? And Extremist Attacks on US Infrastructure

Listen on iTunes Listen on PodBean In this premier episode of the Sibylline Forecast, Gareth Westwood, Head of the Global...

Tunisian Elections

Listen on iTunes Listen on PodBean On 17 December, Tunisians will cast their ballots in the country's much-anticipated parliamentary elections....

The Fallout of the 2022 US Midterm Elections

Listen on iTunes Listen on PodBean Join our hosts Konrad Petraitis (Lead Americas Analyst), Sydney Stewart (North America Analyst) and...

Pakistan’s volatile political landscape following the Imran Khan shooting

Listen on iTunes Listen on PodBean Join your host, Dr Guo Yu, Sibylline's Lead Asia-Pacific Analyst along with Supriya Ravishankar,...
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