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Helping you understand the impact of ESG issues on your business operations

The emergence of ESG considerations as an integral part of a robust corporate strategy

by Daphne Biliouri-Grant Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations have been gaining momentum over the past couple of years within...
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Implications of The IPCC 2021 Report for Business, Governance and Security

Key Takeaways The IPCC 2021 Report will drive far-reaching changes in business, governance and security which will impact client operations...
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SUB. The Black Sea: Energy, Maritime and Military Tensions Risk Further Confrontations in the Black Sea in 2022

Key Takeaways  The Black Sea region remains one of the most active arenas for geopolitical confrontation in Europe and Eurasia,...
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ITA. 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 (COP26)

Executive Summary    COP26 retains a singular importance to environmentalist groups across the planet, with movements such as Extinction Rebellion...
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SUB. Aggressive Military Posturing Increases Risk to Regional Trade

Key Takeaways An uptick in military activity and political rhetoric has shown Beijing's increasingly assertive stance on Taiwan this month....
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High-profile cyber groups re-emerge despite global law enforcement agencies' continued crackdown Summary of trends: Q3 saw the resurgence of several...
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SUB. Afghanistan: Tougher Tests Lie Ahead for Taliban’s Resolve to Govern

Key Takeaways  The new Afghan interim government comprises male, Pashtun members of the Taliban inner circle; it is not an...
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SUB. Gulf-Afghanistan: Taliban Rule Threatens to Further Upset Regional Dynamics

Key Takeaways    The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan threatens to exacerbate regional divides and upset delicate balances, particularly between Gulf states amongst whom relations remain fragile. Notably, should Qatar adopt a more dominant role as regional power broker, it risks straining recently revived...
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SUB: Nigeria – Security Challenges will Dampen Bill’s Impact on Oil Industry

Key Takeaways  The Nigerian government has passed the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), a major piece of legislation that multiple governments...
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The Taliban's full takeover of Afghanistan on 15 August will have profound security implications for the country and wider region...

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